Building Diagnostic Services

General Building Survey

Our Building Surveys are detailed reports of various issues affecting a building or structure. Our reports are clear, concise and easy to read providing a level of detail including an introduction, a summary of any relevant background information, observations, detailed photographic record, comments, recommendations and conclusion.

Typical items in our reports include:

  • Water penetration and leak diagnosis
  • Concrete spalling (commonly known as concrete cancer)
  • Cracking affecting masonry walls and retaining walls
  • Subsidence affecting masonry walls, driveways and paths
  • Non-compliance issues with the National Construction Code (NCC) and/or Building Code of Australia (BCA)
Building Inspector
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Building Condition Report

Building Condition Reports provide the Owners Corporation with professional advice relating to the existing condition of a building or structure.

Our Building Condition Reports include a visual inspection of internal and external elements of the building, associated structures and building surrounds. Following our site inspection(s) we prepare a comprehensive written report including an introduction, a summary of any relevant background information, observations, detailed photographic record, comments, recommendations, allocation of financial resources and priorities with respect to the staging of future remedial building works and conclusion.

Building Defect Reports

Building Defect Report

We provide a comprehensive defect service with respect to the identification and documentation of building defects, and ongoing support in proceedings against the original builder or contractor.

Our service encompasses preparation of reports ranging from simple defect lists suitable for use during the usual thirteen-week defects liability period, through to comprehensive litigation compliant expert-format reports suitable for use in the Supreme Court. If your building is less than 2 years old (for non-structural defects) or 6 years old (for structural defects), we can undertake an inspection of your building and provide a consolidated list of all building defects and incomplete work.

We are experienced in liaising with lawyers and the management of the defects process which may involve preparation of Scott Schedules for legal proceedings and attending expert meetings.

Dilapidation Survey

Our Dilapidation Survey is a report containing observations and a complete photographic record of the existing condition of a building or structure prior to the commencement of building works on an adjoining property.

At completion of construction on the adjoining property, any apparent changes in the condition of the building’s structure or finishes can be reviewed with our Follow-Up Dilapidation Survey report, which includes re-inspection of the building or structure with respect to the original report, and the identification of any deterioration in the original condition of the structure.

Dilapidation Surveys