Project Services

Specification and Scope of Works

Depending on your requirements, the preparation of specifications and scopes of works documents vary in detail, and can range from basic bullet-point scopes of works for simple building or remedial projects, to detailed Tender Documentation which includes particulars of the impending tender process, terms and conditions of the contract and detailed specification of materials and methods required to deliver the project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We can provide specifications and scopes of works on a wide variety of projects including simple remedial projects through to large scale building upgrades and remedial projects containing a number of works packages.

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Tender Service

We provide a professional tender service that includes complete management of a competitive tender process to obtain reliable quotations from qualified builders experienced in remedial building works for the satisfactory procurement of the Principal’s commercial objective.

Our tender service includes:

  • Issue of tender invitation letters
  • Pre-tender site meeting
  • Issue of Addendums
  • Closing of the tender, and evaluation of all tender submissions

At the conclusion of the tender, a detailed Tender Evaluation Report is prepared containing our advice regarding:

  • The compliance of the submissions
  • The specification and any addendums to the scope of works issued during the tender period
  • Recommendations regarding which contractor has provided the most economical tender submission

Project Management and Supervision

Basic supervision

A supervisory service in the form of periodic inspections of works in progress, project status reporting and general contract administration.


Our Superintendence service are tailored to assist our clients with meeting their key project objectives of time, cost and quality.

Our superintendence service includes:

  • Preparation and of a Contract Agreement
  • Arranging execution of the contract
  • Administering the Contract Agreement in a fair and reasonable manner to ensure the contractual obligations are performed
  • Scheduled site attendance and project status reporting
  • Valuing the works in progress including the assessment of payment claims and issuing progress payment certificates
  • Assessing and certifying variations and extension of time claims
  • Identification, documentation and rectification management of building defects
  • Issuing the Certificate of Practical Completion
  • Preparation of Post Completion Report outlining the final costs, time frame and project outcomes
  • Issuing the Final Payment Certificate including release of any contract security

Client-side project management

Our highest level of supervisory service is Client-side Project Management. Our services are tailored to suit our client’s requirements, ensuring successful management and delivery of key project objectives.

The role of the Project Manager typically involves regular site attendance, program and cost management, quality assurance, contract administration, project status reporting. The role is similar to that of the Superintendent’s, albeit with more frequent site visiting and a higher level of interaction with the Contractor and subsequent documentation.

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